The settings provided in cheat sheets listed below have been found to produce the best results in our test lab. However, every printer is unique and different, and settings need to be tweaked based on the hardware. Consider these parameters as a solid starting point rather than rigid, foolproof configurations. You can always reach out to us at if you have any questions. 

Good luck and happy printing!

Material Cura Prusa Slicer Bambu Studio Printing Difficulty Level*
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N/A N/A Coming Soon NOVICE
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Recommended Printing Experience

Novice:  Someone new to 3D printing, using an entry-level printer, should encounter minimal issues with this material
Intermediate:  Individuals with several months of experience, operating a moderate to high-quality printer
Advanced:  Those with over a year of printing experience, utilizing a high quality commercial printer, fall into this category
Expert:  Individuals possessing substantial experience and utilizing a high-performance or extensively modified printer are considered experts in this context